Starting an investment could be a daunting task for any age group, especially when they don’t know where to start. It’s a great idea to learn basics from books, but there are thousands of investment books out there, honestly. Seriously? Where to start? If you’re reading this article, then you’re already in the right place. We’ve selected the best books on investing ideally for beginners below, and they’re books you can use to start your investment.

How to Make Money in Stocks

If you’re planning to enter the stock market, you need to first read the best ETF books like “How To Make Money in Stocks,” written by William J. O’ Neil. It’s an essential reference that guides you on making money from your stock investment for real.

These include investment portfolio management basics about the selection of stock, bonds, and ETFs. O’Neil textually guides you to capture market trends and how you can capitalize them for returns. The book upfronts the practical approach that’s best for investors to learn stock investment basics. The author himself is the Investor’s Business Daily’s frontman with long dedication in the stock-related industry.

The Intelligent Investor

Benjamin Graham’s book has been one of the top investment books for more than 70 years that focuses on basics. “The Intelligent Investor” covers all investors need to know when entering the financial market, including the basics of value investing and how to manage less emotional-driven investing decisions. The book is old, but the new version comes complete with notes and commentaries from experts. For relevance, the editor also adds market data to illustrate the principles and concepts better. Investors around the world reference the book as part of their collections. It’s the best overall investment book you can start with when investing.

The Simple Path to Wealth

It’s a unique financial guidebook that comes with a concept of a letter from a parent(the author)to a daughter about how she should manage the finances. “The Simple Path to Wealth” contains comprehensive financial guides covering investment, debts, stock market, and even retirement plan topics. It’s just like your parents giving you a thorough guide about becoming income funds and how you should manage your finances for the rest of your life. You’d find this book less technical but resourceful and insightful if you want to start investing.

How to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in properties is a big thing, and you need to have strong basics that you may find the guide in “How to Invest in Real Estate” by Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin. The book compiles tens of triumphant real estate investment successes. It also reveals how you can build your wealth over real estate investment and do one while still working full-time. This book certainly provides you with valuable insights and guides on real estate investment to build wealth before you retire. This book is a must-read and must-have if you want to spread your investment with real estate ownership.


Little Book That Still Beats the Market


Another must-read book for stock investors is, of course, “The Little Book That Still Beats the Market” by Joel Greenblatt. The book reveals the formula that you can use to beat the market average most of the time, including how and when to buy the fallen stocks. It’s not a motivational book as it explains the fundamentals of beating the market through concepts and practical presentations. The new version also includes how the formula works on the crisis along with relevant data. Looks convincing? You better read this book if you want to buy and sell stocks actively.

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Common Sense on Mutual Funds

Twenty-two years after its publication, “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” by John C. Bogle still plays a crucial role in mutual fund understanding. It guides you through mutual fund basics, where other investors pool money to invest in securities communally. It’s a comprehensive mutual fund book that covers the basics of how to develop an investment portfolio. The same author also wrote “Enough” and “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing,” which would be an excellent tandem for this book. If you have the vision to build a portfolio through mutual funds, this book will put a strong foundation in your way of thinking on how the investment works and what to do then.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Suppose you’re looking for a more strategic reference on the stock market. In that case, you need to read “Random Walk Down Wall Street,” a book by Burton G.Malkiel. Millions of stock investors refer the reader to those who want to comprehend diverse investment vehicles. These investment vehicles are fundamental for reliable portfolio building. The book also covers investment strategies and essential insights about emotion-driven financial behaviour. Malkiel has successfully opened millions of eyes to investments, and you can be one of them.

Broke Millennial Takes on Investing

Through “Broke Millennial Takes on Investing,” Erin Lowry has successfully captured the curiousness surrounding millennial investors. The book for beginner investors has a to-the-point approach by answering millennial’s frequently asked questions about today’s investment. You may upfront your reading with “Broke Millennial” of the same author. You may find your answers about investment and your current financial situations in this book. It’s a more contextual book that you can look at further if you’re still brainstorming and crawling investment ideas.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

We should have agreed that psychology plays a fundamental role in the investment decision-making process. Without exploiting gimmicks, the New York Times best-seller “Thinking, Fast and Slow” explores science. The book introduces how the “fast” and “slow” systems work and how we can elaborate factors when investing in the stock market. The collaborative approach between economy and psychology is presented well in the book that’s mind-opening.

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