If you operate in the stock market, foreign exchange market and other financial institutions, you will know that there are two great methodologies. Either you are a trader who bases his decisions on the fundamental analysis or you are a trader who uses the technical analysis to know when to operate. Forex trading can yield mouth-watering results in the shortest time! Yes, you ead that right

If you make a blog of technical analysis, surely sooner or later some fundamental analyst ends up calling you tarotist or belittling your techniques. In the same way, if you analyze companies do not doubt that some technical analyst will laugh at your calculated target price through uncertain and estimated parameters.

Why is the technical analysis criticized?
  • There is no fundamental or statistical basis for technical figures.The stock market is considered to be random in the short term.
Why is the fundamental analysis criticized?
  • The target price is anything but objective. It is based on uncertain parameters and varies greatly among analysts of various firms.
  • It does not allow to operate the short or medium term, it retains you in long buy-holds.
  • Very punished for economic cycles.

Certainly, each one has his reasons to think that the other does not do well, but in the end on both sides there are people who win consistently and people who lose in the same way. How can it be?

The common denominator

This is not a problem that you choose, this is a problem of how you fight the market. From experience, the winners have something in common and many times without knowing it they use a third approach to the market. They know very well what their real possibilities are in each operation, whatever their methodology.

Talking to a day trader, he told me he was totally against trading volume and statistics. He assured that this is about knowing or not knowing. In his case, he operated a lot for “the strength that the price had” and the way it moved near support and resistance areas. He had no statistics, true, but after years of operation he knew very well in which movements he should enter and in which he should flee. Deep down, his mind had learned to differentiate what worked from what he didn’t do his own statistics.

4 tips to make money with Forex that nobody will tell you

The Forex market is the market where currency exchange occurs. Currency exchanges occurs in pairs (eg eur/usd). This means you start trading them against each other. That is when you buy one currency you sell another and vice versa.

This mechanism makes each pair useful both to achieve gains related to the fall of one currency and the rise of the other.

The forex market is the richest market in the world. About 4 trillion dollars are traded inside it. There are many people who still do not know the advantages of this market/currency trading platform. Some others believe that trading is related only to the sale and purchase of shares .

In this section we deal with advice regarding trading (buying or selling) activity in the forex market. Tips that you can use to achieve gains proportional to the capital you invest, and the risk you decide to take.

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Investing is not a game, you have to pay close attention to the capital you invest because this greatly influences the emotional aspect of the investment.

The invested capital must not serve you in any way, it must be a sum of money that you would have saved however it is that you have decided to grow thanks to the investment.

If you invest a sum of money you need, you run the risk of losing it as you need that capital and want to earn at all costs.


The forex market offers innumerable advantages, but one must be very careful and not believe that the profits are easy.

To earn in the forex market you need a strategy and experience, nobody gives you anything and therefore you have to commit yourself.

Certainly in the forex market you can earn large sums of money, there are traders who, starting from scratch, have accumulated a real fortune, but there are also people who, due to excessive haste and little experience, have lost all the capital invested.

It is usually advised that you start with a demo account.


This is a very, very important step because it allows you to make money. It also helps to turn your earnings planning into something more concrete. And into something achievable.

The strategy is the basis of the online trading activity in the forex market, it is the basis of all the trading activity and must be a supporting element.

There are many trading strategies that can be used to make gains, some of these are based on technical analysis, others are based on fundamental analysis, that is, macroeconomic analysis.

We always recommend using both approaches because only in this way can significant gains be made.


You must know that in forex trading. But in general in any trading activity, losses are natural. They are part of the activity, you must consider them as cost. All business activities have costs, the costs of trading are called losses.

The losses, however, need to be under control and must never escape the analysis of the trader. Every trading operation, however rational, can, even in very low percentages, lead to a negative result. Well, this negative result needs control to reduce it to a minimum.

Minimizing losses means increasing profits, therefore it means optimizing your online trading activity .

To be able to rationalize the losses you must establish a percentage of sustainable loss at each trading operation. This percentage must never exceed 5% of the investment capital. If you have a capital of € 1,000, your maximum loss, for each trading, must be € 50. And, the gain obtainable from a single operation must be at least double the potential loss. That is, you must accept a 5% risk only if in that operation you can earn at least 10% of what you invest.

Useful tool to earn immediately with forex: Macroeconomic calendar updated in real time 

Here is a tool that can be very useful to us.

This economic calendar updates in real time, and helps you spot market opportunities. The bulls you see represent the impact of the macro economic data, they represent its importance.

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