The economy is always on a growth path. And, there are going to be a lot of new economic opportunities to invest money in 2020 . The global gross domestic product is forecast to increase in 2020. With the labor market, developing positively, and  with the ever going technological advancement. People’s incomes are also going to increase: the net wage per capita is expected to increase by over five percent.

It is therefore no wonder that some people put themselves on the high edge. Others save their money. For example for old-age provision – if you want to invest money, you now have the right opportunity. But what can you actually invest your money in – and how?

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How to Invest money 2020: You have to follow these basics

Dealing with the idea of investing money costs most people and surely also a lot of effort for you. After all, you feel that there are thousands of options that you may not (yet) know about – taking time for extensive research does not always work.

Sometimes you catch yourself pushing the very important topic in front of you. That is, even though you should have tackled it long ago – after all, your own retirement provision does not take care of itself.

With this magazine we would like to help you to get a good overview of all current possibilities and to convey to you what could be worth considering for you in terms of investing money.

What is the difference between saving money and investing money?

Eventually, you want to fulfill your financial goals. Whether you involve yourself in your retirement provision. Or simply want to have more money after a certain period of time (let’s say 1 week, 2, 6, or even 12 months) . The goal when investing money is always to increase your own capital. And, with more after the process the bag to act as before investing. In the case of saving pure money, on the other hand, you try to create reserves for emergencies or purchases by deliberately putting the remaining money aside. However, this does not increase.

This means that when you invest money, you specifically make more of what you have – for example, you create it with the help of a call money account or savings book, use shares, invest in real estate or use time deposit accounts for your purposes. If you want to invest money to get more out of your investment, you can use a variety of methods. You can use a bank, operate on the stock exchange or get involved privately.

What is the difference between the Cryptocurrency investment products and those of the stock exchange?

Through the bank, you can, for example, invest your money in overnight deposits or time deposit accounts and increase them over time using certain interest rates. The bank can also use a savings book that can be accessed from a point in time specified by you – all the options offered by the bank have in common that they are quite low-risk. With a capital of up to €100,000. For example, you are protected at the bank with the most investment channels, namely through the European deposit guarantee fund.

Experience has shown that interest and profits from bank investment products are significantly lower than those on the stock exchange. Bank investment products are more for you if you want to be on the safe side with your capital.

The options here are very diverse and involve a wide variety of risks, so that you can invest money from low-risk to very risky. This often results in more profitable profits, your capital can sometimes be increased faster and more if you are willing to take higher risks.

The disadvantage: It can always happen on the stock exchange that your money is lost if, for example, a company has been put into financial ruin.

What is the difference between investing and speculating?

The terms speculating and investing money are very common in relation to your own finances. This is because they are often thrown around. Even outside the wall street even when you can’t really tell their differences. Many people even confuse the two terms, even though they are fundamentally different things. An essential and important difference between the two terms is the period. When investing, you expect profits in the long run. So, you want your money to grow after a rather long term (sometimes for as long as 20 years or 30 years). By speculating, on the other hand, you often hope for short-term profits through targeted transactions that you think will meet your expectations as desired.

This is where the next difference between speculation and investment arises. When investing, you invest your money in an investment product from companies or banks. This means that you can be certain of lucrative interest and profits in the foreseeable future.

With the speculation, you are simply positive that the transaction, by buying and selling on the stock exchange, will bring you huge profits in no time. However, you are aware of the rather high risk that it can happen quite differently.

Invest money: what opportunities are available to you

As you may have noticed, there are endless possibilities to invest, invest and invest your money. Not only do you get a lot of offers from your favorite bank, but also on the stock exchange or privately you can use very different approaches, selling you mutual funds or even sharing high growth potential investment opportunity in emerging markets, as well as stock market.

So that you can deal with the idea of “investing money in what?”, You should know your options – only when you have at least an overview of all options and alternatives can you rely on the procedures that really meet your needs fit. We would like to deliver this to you.

A lot of investment options await you on the stock exchange with which you can increase your money, for example:

  • shares
  • bonds
  • fund(eg hedge fund)
  • ETFs
  • Leveraged products
  • Certificates

These are the main types of investment on the exchange. There are also so-called warrants, also called futures, which we do not want to go into in detail here. Namely, these are derivatives, i.e. financial products that are dependent on other financial products and their price development.

They lure newbies in with promise of handsome profit. But, this is tied to equally disproportionate risks when trading futures. Investing in this field is hardly worthwhile for private investors. However, we would like to introduce you to all other investment options below which is very profitable and definitely for the future.

Invest money in bitcoin 

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with links to calculated formulas. Computing power create these formulas. It also takes a lot of time, which is why their ownership now appears to be more lucrative for many.

You can buy and trade online with bitcoins for a long time – however, the fictional coin is unusable outside the Internet.

You can either buy and “hoard” bitcoins until their price rises and the sale appears lucrative. The other option is to invest in Bitcoin stocks on the stock exchange which they link their price, which are derivatives. Investing money is possible here through the stock exchange or buying on the Internet.

You can invest bitcoins by trading against other currencies. Some of these are automated and picks signals based on set algorithms. Bitcoin being a cryptocurrency and easily exchanged allows for ease and high yield profit. There are a couple of Investment sites out there. Join us today if you want to get regular updates on the most attractive Bitcoin investment. You do not need any trade experience. We do all the trades on your behalf with an assign you a Financial adviser.


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